Training    ORACLE Database Administration      Oracle RAC DBA

Oracle RAC DBA


Basic SQL, PL/SQL, Unix, Shell Scripting

Target Job Roles

Oracle Data Base Administrator for RAC Applications.

Target Proffesional Accrediations

Oracle Certified Professional – RAC DBA


Class room
Online (Web & Audio conference)
On-Site at your facility

Course Outline

Module 1:Course Objectives

This course presents a complete guide to the installation and configuration of Oracle9i Real Application Clusters tool for successful design of RAC clusters, details on shared disk technology, raw devices and RAID with RAC, understanding of internal concurrency, resource coordination and locking mechanism within RAC, transparent Application Failover (TAF), and monitoring and tuning RAC applications.

Module 2:Course Contents

1.Introduction to Cluster Technology
2.High Performance and Highly Available Databases
3.High Performance Computing Cluster – HPCC
4.Clusterizing Applications
5.Highly Available Databases
6.Clustered Systems
7.Overview of the Cluster Technology
8.Overview of Oracle Real Application Clusters
9.RAC Server and Disk Technology
10.RAW Partitions and Cluster File System
11.Storage Technology and Redundancy
12.Cluster File System
13.Server Redundancy
14.RAC Installation and Configuration
15.RAC Architecture and Components
16.Oracle Installation and Creation of Database
17.Internals of Real Application Clusters
18.Overview of Cache Fusion
19.RAC Backup and Recovery
20.Standby Databases in RAC Configuration
21.Transparent Application Failover
22.Using Instance Roles
23.RAC Performance Monitoring and Tuning
24.Migration to RAC Databases
25.Architecture of Oracle Real Application Clusters Guard